Sabtu, 13 Juni 2009

My Idol Teacher

My idol teacher

Assalamualaikum wr wb.
My name is Firly Ratnasari Sukainah in Bhakti Elementary School
The Honorable Judges.
All my beloved friends.
Good morning.
I’m very glad to see you here today. Well,here. I’d like to deliver my speech. The title is “ My Idol Teacher” .
Why i choose this title for my speech today? It’s because teacher is everything to me. I have parents,my mother, and father. But of course they are at home. When i’m at school, then my parents are my teachers.
Ladies and Gentleman
Teacher, like my parents, is someone i can rely on. Beside i get knowledge and skills, i also get love, afterchoin and guidance from my teacher.
Forme, my idol teacher or my favourite teacher is a teacher who is:
· First : Having a good knowledge
· Second: Patient
· Third : Funny
· Fourth : Disciplined
Ladies and Gentleman
First, when a teacher has good knowledge, he/she can teach students well. Students will get a lot of knowledge out of the textbook. Then, students will smarter and smarter.
Second, when a teacher is patient, he/she can teach the students patiently, of cours. He/she doesn’t get angry easly because of some naughty students.
Third, when a teacher is funny, i’m sure the students like him/her. Why? Because, being in a classroom for a long Time is sometimes boring, We, students get tires it, Funny teacher can entertain us and makes us happy.
Fourth, when a teacher is disclipined, students will be disclipined too. Why? Because my idol teacher who always asks students to do something and to be something. My idol teacher is a teacher who can Give example on how to do and to be something.
Well that’s all my speech. Thank you for listening
Wassalamualaikum wr wb .

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